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Rejuvenest - Dried Bird's Nest Triangle (70g)

  • 70g per box - This will contain anywhere from 7 – 15 pcs depending on the size & weight of each nest
  • Carton and plastic box with plastic packaging inside
  • Foam at the sides and below for greater protection

In order to provide our consumers with safe and beneficial quality product:

  1. Our bird‘s nest is 100% from Indonesia
  2. Our processing installation is registered and certified with HACCP Food Safety Systems
  3. Processing facilities only used food grade materials forprocessing
  4. Our farmhouse is registered and controlled regularly
  5. Sterilization is done at the final process

How to prepare bird's nest:

  1. Soak bird‘s nest for 30 – 45 mins and remove water after it is done
  2. Heat in slow cooker 1 hour or Double boiler 30 minutes
  3. Add to taste: red dates, goji berry, longan, rock sugar, etc.
  4. Enjoy :)
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Rejuvenest - Dried Bird's Nest Triangle (70g)

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