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ALKEMIE City Skincare Bundle (TOWN DE-STRESS Civilization Stress Neutralizing Cream + DIGITAL REHAB Anti Blue Light Booster)

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TOWN DE-STRESS Civilization Stress Neutralizing Cream

Town destress is designed as a detoxifying shock therapy and complex skin support for inhabitants of big cities exposed to harmful effects of environmental pollution, such as: smoke, smog, free radicals, particulate matters and heavy metals.

Main Characteristics:

  • It cares for skin exposed to the “city stress”, dehydrated and anoxic.

The Secret Recipe:

  • MossCellTecTM No1 obtained from moss prevents epigenetic skin ageing (related to external factors) and effects of the so called city stress. It enhances adaptability of skin and viability of its cells. It activates genes responsible for proper functioning and cell nucleus communication. It protects collagen structures, hydrates, smooths and strengthens skin, as well as boosts its resistance to stress and pollution.
  • Matcha tea extract is a powerful dose of anti-oxidative polyphenols (137 times more than in ordinary green tea!), stimulating caffeine, vitamins and micro elements. It has detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effects. It facilitates micro circulation, the system of skin detoxification and elimination of free radicals.
  • GLYCOHYAL LW hyaluronic acid is characterized by its particles which are over a hundred times smaller than the standard ones and high bio-availability for skin. It gives the effects of deep, multi-dimensional hydration and improvement of transportation of other active ingredients.
  • CYTOFRUIT® WATER KIWI,a concentrated organic kiwi juice, energizes, revitalizes and hydrates skin in a natural way. The special, multi-stage and balanced technology of obtaining the juice guarantees 100% preservation of its biological values and its maximum assimilability.
  • SHEA BUTTERm shows a great biocompatibility with skin lipids. It strengthens the intercellular cement and the epidermis barrier function. It protects from dryness and smooths. It has anti-oxidative and anti-ageing effects and smooths the skin. It supports skin regeneration after sunbathing.
  • SEALIFT® a complex manufactured from two red algae, smooths, lifts and protects skin. It creates a hydrating and protective anti-pollution barrier on the skin surface, which protects against dehydration and penetration of environmental pollution.
  • JOJOBA OIL has strong anti-oxidative and firming effects. It strengthens the intercellular cement and prevents skin dryness.
  • CELUS-BI® LIGHT ESTER the innovative, ecological thistle emollient, they strengthen the epidermis barrier, make skin exceptionally soft and smooth.
  • ARGAN OIL firms, hydrates and smooths skin. It has strong rejuvenating and anti-oxidative effects.
  • PENTAVITIN® COMPLEX immediate, strong and long-lasting skin hydration (up to 72 hours).
  • PHYTESSENCE™ PEACH FLOWER a unique peach flower extract, frees skin from oxygen shortages and gives it a second breath. It facilitates removal of toxins, enhances cellular respiration and leaves skin radiant.
  • CHIA SEED OIL contains Omega3 and 6 acids, antioxidants, vitamin E, flavonoids and minerals which strengthen and regenerate the skin. It shows strong anti-aging properties and enhances elasticity.
  • DÉLICE DÉTOX obtained from lime and green tea with the use of ultrasonic technology provide skin with a fair dose of easily assimilable vitamins (including vitamin C), minerals and antioxidants. It refresh, revitalize and energize skin in a natural way.

Method of Application:

  • Use as a day and night cream. Apply a small amount of the cream to cleansed skin and gently massage until it is absorbed.

DIGITAL REHAB Anti Blue Light Booster

Digital rehab is a highly concentrated booster of ingredients that restore skin’s vitality and balance of those who are fatigued, spend a lot of time in front of screens and monitors and in environmental and digital pollution.

Main Characteristics:
  • Its task is to regulate the biochemical processes of skin upset by the civilization stress and harmful radiation emitted by television, smartphone, tablet and laptop screens (the so called blue light).
  • It protects skin against digital pollution and revitalizes skin.

The Secret Recipe:

  • TWO TYPES OF HYALURONIC ACID: HIGH AND LOW MOLECULAR when combined, they show much stronger effects than standard hyaluronic acid. The low molecular form penetrates deep into skin and hydrates it from the inside. It supports maintaining the proper condition of the extracellular matrix, collagen and elastin. It helps improve elasticity of skin and reduce wrinkles. It also facilitates the transportation of active substances deep into skin. The high molecular acid creates a hydrating protective film on skin, thanks to which it prevents TEWL (transepidermal water loss) and supports protection of skin against free radicals and irritation.
  • ENERGINIUS™ a natural shield which protects skin from HEV ray effects. This certified ecological ingredient is obtained from the Indian ginseng (Withania somnifera) root with the use of the innovative NaDES technology; thanks to that, it keeps full biological properties of the extract: its great power of skin protection and revitalization. It has strong anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects. It protects cell DNA from distortion. It enhances the synthesis of ATP (inner energy) of cells, improves their dynamism and communication. It makes skin less susceptible to HEV rays and restores its vitality.
  • CYTOFRUIT® WATER GREEN MANDARIN the biologically active, organic green mandarin juice has soothing, relaxing and anti-stress effects. It complements the booster’s composition with a fair dose of flavonoids, micro elements and vitamins. The special, multi-stage and balanced technology of its obtaining guarantees 100% preservation of its biological values and its maximum assimilability.
  • GENENCARE OSMS PRO complex of osmolytes and amino acids supports the natural mechanisms of skin protection against negative effects of the polluted environment. It enhances the internal detoxification process, reduces oxidation of epidermis lipids and damage of cell DNA caused by UV rays and free radicals.
  • ARGAN OIL firms, hydrates and smooths skin. It has strong rejuvenating and anti-oxidative effects.
  • VITAMIN E it soothes irritation and accelerates regeneration of epidermis.

Method of Application:

  • For daily use or massage 2-3 times a week. Apply a few drops of the elixir to cleansed face, neck and cleavage skin. Gently massage until it absorbs. Double the amount of the product if you want to perform a massage.

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