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Cecinas Pablo - Spanish Serrano Ham 100g

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The 100g ham is sealed tightly in a vacuumed package in order to keep its flavor and taste.

The best quality meat is marinated with salt using traditional method, which make the amount of salt used appropriate for its size and fat formation. After the salting process, the pieces are cleaned to take out the surface salt and they will go through the settlement stage under specified conditions of humidity and temperature. This will get the salt into the meat and remove excess moisture. Then the long drying and curing process take place in natural driers and cellar, which gives the ham high quality taste and flavor.

This long process ensure optimal curing and nice flavour of each piece in terms of its size and conformation fat.

Cecinas Pablo ham is characterized by its fat distribution, providing a balanced full flavor, keeping juiciness and reduce the salt needed for seasoning. Pork is mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids, high biological value protein, B vitamins, minerals like zinc, iodine and iron, which is a healthy choice of meat.

Cecinas Pablo always use the appropriate amount of salt, which keep the curing process slower, laborious and controlled and finally reward us products in the highest quality and taste.

Ingredients: salt, sugar, antioxidant E301, Sodium citrate E331, preservatives E250, E252

Expiry Date: 2022.06.15