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Christmas & New Year Food Selections
Christmas & New Year Food Selections

Corte Marchigiana - Ciauscolo Spreadable Salami PGI 100g

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Ciauscolo is a dry-cured soft salami and the pride of Le Marche region, Central Italy, for all the right reasons. This unique salami is so popular and beloved because it is soft and easy to spread on bread and croutons, in a similar manner to some pates. In 2009, Ciauscolo was given PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status.

The pork meat and fat from shoulder and belly are finely ground with black pepper, garlic and white wine. After being filled in a natural casing the Ciauscolo is left to dry for 12 - 24 hours. The salami is then cold-smoked for two days over juniper branches before being hung to cure. The maturing process in controlled microclimatic conditions which makes the product valuable.

The salami is really tasty, perfumed and creamy. Slice it and add it to your cold cuts platter, spread it on bread or use it as a sausage to enrich your pasta dishes. Get creative with it or enjoy it on its own.

Storage conditions: The vacuum-packed product expires within 4 months. Store in a fridge (+ 4°C max).

Expiry Date: 2022/03