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Dehesa de Campo Alto - Sliced 24-Months 75% Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham (Blister/50g)

  • Ham from Spain
  • Air-dried for 24 months
  • 75% Iberian pig
  • Meaty and rich
  • Blister packaging - clean and convenient
  • Using pig's hinder leg - 6:4 meat and grease distribution, more chewy, milder taste


For blister that is not opened, it needs to be kept in refrigerator (0°C - 5°C).

Please eat them up within two days after blister has opened.

How to eat

It is suggested to take out the blister from refrigerator one hour before you want to eat. Pour hot water on the plate and dry it up, let the fat literally melt onto the plate.

It's nutty, tasty, sweet, chewy, buttery and not too salty. It is good to be served with fig or bread. And also perfect with a glass of red wine.

How special Spanish ham are?

Compared to other European hams, Spanish jamón has a more uniform texture, more intense flavor and is usually less moist because of the long curing stage. This is especially true of hams from acorn-fed Bellota pigs.

Curing period is 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 months (Minimum 24months), but longer curing time does not mean better taste.

How to distinguish types of ham?





Black Label

Fed with acorn and grass

100% Iberian pig

Top Level

Red Label

Fed with acorn and grass

50-75% mixed Iberian pig

Second Level

Green Label

Fed with grass

50% mixed Iberian pig

Third Level

White Label

Fed with grains

50% mixed Iberian pig

Forth Level

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Dehesa de Campo Alto - Sliced 24-Months 75% Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham (Blister/50g)

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