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FREE SHIPPING for purchase above HKD350 (Hong Kong only)

Shijimi-chan Honpo - Aomori Mutsu Bay Sea Scallops Ramen (2 Servings)

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Shijimi-chan Honpo used the best sea scallops from Mutsu Bay, Aomori. WIthout any artificial feed, the scallops absorb all the nutrients from streams on the Hakkoda San Mountain and Shirakami Sanchi Mountain Range. With its tender texture and excellent taste, it would be the best ramen you'll ever have! 

You could also add different extra ingredients like Chasu, green onion, egg, bamboo shoot, squid, seaweed, corn, mushrooms, veggies, etc. Seasonings like butter, pepper flakes, pepper, sesame and garlic would also add extra flavors.


How to eat:

1. Add noodles to boiling water and cook for 5 minutes

2. Mix soup powder with 320cc water

3. Drain noodles and put in the serving bowl. Add the soup prepared in step 2

4. Add the scallops and extra ingredients at last



Content:Noodles x 2、Packet of scallops x 2、Soup powder x 2

Expiry Date:2022-04-30


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