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FREE shipping for local purchase over HKD400

About us

We are Chiligala, an online store selling high-quality products from Europe. We love the Mediterranean style of eating, it's so healthy, so easy and so delicious. We believe food is not just a necessity but a pleasure. That's why we source our products from Europe's best suppliers, who share our passion for quality and taste. We have a wide range of products such as good condiments from Mediterranean countries, good canned seafood, good olive oil, good ham, etc. We want to share our delicious food with like-minded people. That's why we created Chiligala, to bring the best of Europe to your table. Not only can you enjoy delicious food, but you can also experience European culture, history and lifestyle. Order now and discover the magic of Chiligala. You won't regret it! Sticking out tongue"

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