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FREE shipping for local purchase over HKD400
FREE shipping for local purchase over HKD400

Vision, Mission and Values

CHILIGALA is about sustainable living through beauty, healthcare and food.


CHILIGALA's vision is expressed through a double goal:

1. Providing people with good quality food and supplies...
2. ...through which we help people fulfill a better life!


This is embodied through CHILIGALA's e-Commerce platform specialized in unique quality food, healthcare, and beauty goods. Our range expresses quality sourcing, passion and love.


CHILIGALA's philosophy is summarized as Healthy, Cheerful, Reliable, Respectful, and Considerate in one word: Fair.


Step-by-step start of CHILIGALA's e-Commerce platform, gradually. It is about rigorously selecting quality suppliers and quality goods corresponding to our philosophy.


We have curated for you a number of vendors and goods of quality, which reliability and healthiness inspire joy and cheerfulness.

We constantly adapt our range to your feed-back and appreciation, as we are considerate of your needs and wants: customer comes first!

Last update: 27 May 2021