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FREE shipping for local purchase over HKD400

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

CHILIGALA has created its own definition of "fair trade", which differs from the "fairtrade" definition of the Fairtrade International organization and from the standard "fair trade" definition.

Fairtrade International system is made up of regional producers networks, national fairtrade and marketing organizations, an umbrella NGO, and a main independent certifier. Its aim is to create fairness for producers and consumers alike.

The general definition of "fair trade" is an arrangement designed to help producers in developing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships.


CHILIGALA's definition of "fair trade" is defined through 3 angles:

1. Our selection of sellers on our platform, which can be only:

  • Producers and manufacturers
  • Start-up companies
  • Brands

We do not accept traders, export/ imports companies, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and other intermediaries as sellers on our platform. We do not restrict our sellers origin with any geographical location or country's development stage, as we recognize that there are fair and unfair companies/ trades/ situations everywhere in the world, whatever stage of development a country is.

Our sellers must offer a real value-add that is defined by their production, work and/ or their creativity. We bypass intermediaries and aim to be the only intermediary that those sellers need to offer their products to clients directly. We bring clients the guaranty that they are buying real and original products directly from the producer/ manufacturer/ designer/ brand.

2. Our collections aims at promoting sustainable living through a selection of products which:

  • procure a good, relaxed, balanced, and sustainable life
  • are sustainable from an ecological point of view
  • bring harmony from a holistic and pragmatic point of view

Our sellers must not only offer products that are original, of good quality, well presented, and that sell. They must also focus on the beauty of their product, which enhances the client's desire for the product as well as their pleasure and satisfaction to buying and using the product. Moreover, they must make sure that the product's proprieties and secondary effects on both the clients and the environment are both beneficial and sustainable.

This insures the client that buying a product on our platform does contribute to a sustainable living rather than our environment and biosphere destruction. For clients, buying products on our platform is an easy, modest, and pragmatic way to invest in global sustainability, in their future, and in their children's future.

3. Our economical sustainability cross-checking that every seller offers:

  • a reasonable price compared with the offer and demand market
  • while having a sufficient margin, and
  • while generating reasonable profits

We focus not only on fairness, but also on sustainability from an economical point of view. Our sellers are making sufficient money to be sustainable and survive or even thrive. Our clients know that they are buying those products at best possible value, while not abusing the sellers.

Buying products on our platform is a mutually beneficial win-win system between our sellers and our clients!

Last update: 25 September 2020