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FREE shipping for local purchase over HKD400
FREE shipping for local purchase over HKD400

Shipping services

CHILIGALA offers you various shipping services to all over the world. Those shipping services are defined by both their cost and their transit-time.

The delivery logic is as follows. The smaller the transit-time and therefore the shorter time your delivery takes, then the more expensive is your shipping cost. The bigger the transit-time and therefore the longer time your delivery takes, then the cheaper is you shipping cost.

The transit-time of a delivery is the time between the moment you have confirmed and paid your order and the time it is delivered to you. A transit-time range is estimated in business days, which excludes week-ends and holidays.

The shipping cost depends on the chargeable weight of your order, on your delivery location, and on the shipping service you choose. This shipping cost is given to you, when you pass the order, and after you have chosen the shipping service you prefer to use for your order.

The chargeable weight is the highest of both the gross weight of your package and the volume-weight of your package. CHILIGALA calculates the chargeable automatically and all this is seamlessly includes into your shipping cost.

Here are the various shipping services offered, with their transit-time range estimated in business days and corresponding shipping cost idea:

Shipping service Transit time
Shipping cost
1.  Local shipping 1 to 2 days cheapest
2.  Priority shipping 2 to 5 days most expensive
3.  Expedited shipping 5 to 10 days expensive
4.  Standard shipping 10 to 30 days normal
5.  Slow shipping > 30 days cheap
6.  Return shipping Your choice Your choice

 You will find a detailed explanation of each shipping service in the menu "Delivery Services" at the bottom of CHILIGALA website.

About international orders & deliveries during COVID-19

CHILIGALA ships internationally, but delivery times may be longer than usual.

Due to COVID-19, air travel has been restricted, which affects our ability to deliver products as quickly and efficiently as we do during normal times. Surface post has been interrupted and our slow shipping (cheapest shipping) has therefore been suspended for the time being.

International deliveries may take longer than usual and certain delivery destinations might see further restrictions. You can find the most up-to-date delivery estimates at checkout.

Last update: 25 September 2020