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SUC de CEL Extra Virgin Olive Oil DO (250 ml)

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Suc de Cel extra virgin olive oil D.O.(250ml)

Olive/s:         Arbequina

Origin:          D.O. Oli de Mallorca

Quality:         extra virgin

Flavour:        nutty and herbs

Vintage:        2022/23


"SUC de CEL", the "juice of heaven", comes from the Tramuntana mountains around Sóller.  The extra virgin olive oil SUC de CEL, gently cold-pressed from the olive, is awarded the certificate of origin Oli de Mallorca D.O.

The monumental ancient olive trees of the high mountains give this special olive oil D.O. its typical noble taste.

The taste is slightly fruity and mild, with a hint of almond. Particularly suitable for salads and fresh dishes to accentuate textures and flavours, with tomatoes on bread, or for frying and cooking up to 180º.

As a tribute to Gaudí and his school of master builders, builders of the imposing cathedral of Sóller in honour of the local patron saint "Sant Bartolomeu", this precious product has been packaged in a smart tin with an image of the cathedral of Sóller/Mallorca.

High quality olive oil obtained directly from the olives only through mechanical methods.


Nutritional Facts Statement Per 100g

Energy:                   900 kcal/3700 KJ             

Fat:                        100g of which

Saturated:               16g    

Monounsaturated:   72 g

Polyunsaturated:     12 g