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Are you surprised by the difference between craft beer and ordinary beer?

If you want to know the real difference between craft beer and regular beer, read on to learn more.

What did "craft beer" and "regular beer" mean at that time. The key is production.

Traditional ingredients for craft beer include the basic ingredients: yeast, water, hops, malt and grains; they can also include anything designed to add flavor, such as spices, fruits or other flavor-enhancing ingredients.

Regular beer is mass-produced and bottled in large breweries, which use beer designed to enable high-volume production by adding more water and less grain while reducing costs and increasing profits.


The alcohol content ABV (alcohol by volume) of ordinary beer is usually about 3-5%. Not a strong taste.

Craft beer usually has an ABV of about 7% or higher. Some craft beers have an alcohol content of over 30%! Craft beers, on the other hand, typically have a richer flavor profile. You can also find many specialty craft beers with unique flavors, such as chocolate, fruit, etc.


Taste is subjective. But it is undeniable that craft beer tastes different from ordinary beer.

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